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#include "GSDrawFunctions.h"

@implementation NSTableHeaderCell (theme)

//Would be nice to correct that on -gui... it should use _text_color

- (NSColor *)textColor
      return [NSColor blackColor];

static NSColor* bgCol;
static NSColor* hbgCol;
static NSColor* clearCol;
// Override drawInteriorWithFrame:inView: to be able 
// to display images as NSCell does
- (void) drawInteriorWithFrame: (NSRect)cellFrame 
                  inView: (NSView*)controlView
  [THEME drawTableHeaderCellInRect: cellFrame
      highlighted: _cell.is_highlighted];
  _textfieldcell_draws_background = NO;

  switch (_cell.type)
    case NSTextCellType:
      [super drawInteriorWithFrame: cellFrame inView: controlView];
    case NSImageCellType:
      // Taken (with modifications) from NSCell

      // Initialize static colors if needed
      if (clearCol == nil)
        bgCol = RETAIN([NSColor controlShadowColor]);
        hbgCol = RETAIN([NSColor controlHighlightColor]);
        clearCol = RETAIN([NSColor clearColor]);
      // Prepare to draw
      cellFrame = [self drawingRectForBounds: cellFrame];
      // Deal with the background
      if ([self isOpaque])
        NSColor *bg;
        if (_cell.is_highlighted)
          bg = hbgCol;
          bg = bgCol;
        [bg set];
        //NSRectFill (cellFrame);//NRO
      // Draw the image
      if (_cell_image)
        NSSize size;
        NSPoint position;
        size = [_cell_image size];
        position.x = MAX (NSMidX (cellFrame) - (size.width/2.), 0.);
        position.y = MAX (NSMidY (cellFrame) - (size.height/2.), 0.);
        if ([controlView isFlipped])
          position.y += size.height;
        [_cell_image compositeToPoint: position operation: NSCompositeSourceOver];
      // End the drawing
    case NSNullCellType:

- (void) drawWithFrame: (NSRect)cellFrame
                inView: (NSView *)controlView
  [self drawInteriorWithFrame: cellFrame inView: controlView];


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