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DictConnection Class Reference

#import <DictConnection.h>

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Detailed Description

Instances of this class enable a connection to a dict protocol server. You can look up words using the
See also:
(definitionFor:) method.

Definition at line 34 of file DictConnection.h.

Public Member Functions

(void) - close
(void) - dealloc
(void) - definitionFor:
(void) - definitionFor:inDictionary:
(NSString *) - description [implementation]
(void) - descriptionForDatabase:
(id) - init
(id) - initWithHost:
(id) - initWithHost:port:
(void) - log: [implementation]
(void) - open
(void) - sendClientString:
(void) - serverDescription
(void) - setDefinitionWriter:
(void) - showError: [implementation]

Protected Attributes

id< DefinitionWriter > defWriter
NSHost * host
NSInputStream * inputStream
NSOutputStream * outputStream
int port
StreamLineReader * reader
StreamLineWriter * writer

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